TQ Mak

Last day I just had a conversation with Mak.  We had a long talk as my handset cannot be charged and so it can’t be turn on for a week.  Usually, I called my Mak 2 or 3 times a week.  When I failed to do this, it feels like I am missing something.  I told Mak how I feel inside my heart right now.  She asked me what my first intention of writing the entry?  If nothing evil, but only good purpose just do well on my life.  Don’t bother something that might make me confuse and doing wrong.  Just believe on my purpose.  She told me that the only mistake that I’ve done is not be patient enough. I shouldn’t explain anything.  Just ignore any accused and believe what I want to do as long as it is right.  For now, she reminds me, whatever happen just keeps the silaturrahmi in my own way.  Pray for their happiness and help them when needed.  Don’t show my angry emotion when meeting them.  Mak also remind me to improve myself and my own family.  Obey Allah and try to live happily.  At last Mak’s advice is always the best. Thank You, Mak. I know and realize what you’ve said but my unstable feeling make me sad.  Your word is always like a pouring rain that calms my heart.  I LOVE YOU

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