What Ammar can Do?

Ammar now is 10 months already. Giving us new excitement with his new adventure an capability. He can't said any word yet, but he is using "Eh eh eh" to call me or his Ayah.The last Ammar's development was he can climbing the sofa. After, standing up and climbing here and there at just now he is crawling. Alhamdulillah he can sit with good balancing to his back. But when he show his tantrum while he is sitting, he throw his back to the floor and the floor hit his head. Hadoiii!! He will learn his lesson. I think next time he won't do that again. Hopefully!!

He knows what he like and dislike. Yesterday I gave him the jasmine green tea which the tea aroma is full with jasmine scent. At first Ammar drank the tea but he spit it out, maybe because of the jasmine scent. His face turn out wrinkled. When I tried to drank him with the tea again, he push the cup by his hand and shake his head to say no.

Surprisingly, now Ammar can wave his hand to say goodbye. But when only i asked him to do. Since Ammar is here, i have two children that i have to look for their development. Its quite scary if  I am to busy and neglected their feeling of wanting to be love and having my attention of their new things they do. Umar with his new hilarious adventure day by day and Ammar where i need not to be bored or neglect his development as i have undergo with Umar. Actually these two apples of my eyes is unique and bring happiness in their own way to myself and their ayah. I feel bless and thanks to Allah for my kids. May Allay give me strength and motivation to be there for them. Amin.

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