Finding Coding for My VB.Net

Finding the code is the most hassle work that I've to do. But when i found the code needed i am really2 happy..Weeeee....!!!!! But it is not easy as copy and paste. I've to study the code and reconstruct again due to my project. Today struggling to find some code again. For one function it is not a minute or even a day work. It can be a few days. Hadoiii!!! for an amateur like me it is tiring but in the same time when I successfully found the code it is the biggest satisfaction!!

But i also have the biggest worry which I do not know the level of my work. I've know nothing actually about I just do tutorial from YouTube and explore coding from a few website. ~sigh~ Need to work harder!! Seem I'm not in my target line anymore. Some matter has drag me out. Oh my SV you are truly deeply correct about this..Huhu..Come on Nurul Zakiah..Lets do this..Work More!!!!

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