STEP-NC in Malaysia

After 2 years im involved in IEQ research with En Adnan,i stop for a while to concentrate to new research with Dr Yusri. I found IEQ is very interesting and challenging to bring to Malaysian mentality. Most academic people that i met, dont feel IEQ is very important to take into consideration to maintain health and work performance. I've to stop for a while as my working contract as RA was ended. Alhamdulillah on day 6 of confinement i was called to attend an interview as J41 at UTHM. i really hope i get the position. By that time i can continue my research on IEQ.

STEP-NC seem to be interesting but more challenging. My exposure to CNC environment in malaysia quite low. I dont have wider knowledge about it. How far the development of CNC and STEP-NC in Malaysia. I found STEP NC in Malaysia was take into research by two people only which is Dr Yusri and Az Zahra. Hmm, to start a review on development of step nc in malaysia seem doesnt have wide info about it..Oversea has been pioneer in this rsearch..a lot of journal that can be refer...malaysian environment where i should start...

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  1. salam kak. regarding issue step-nc kat malaysia ni. saya sedang buat research pasal tajuk ni. boleh tak saya nak dapat review dr akak sikit sebab saya sedang kumpul information lagi. tapi yang mcm akak tulis, di Malaysia still tak berkembang lagi jadi saya sangat pening. kak if u dont mind, saya nak contact akak untuk further discussion. can i have your email contact or etc. :) my email nurulhudalladdin@gmail.com