How To Overcome this Fear: Speaking English

We learn English since we enter the first year of primary school and it continuously until we start the university life for 3 to 7 years. After calculating the years of English learning its take about 19 years we learn English.Huhu.such a long long time. But why my English is not so good. I can write seminar paper but I have fear to speak to the public. When my supervisor asked me to present paper at conference I cant accept the task. It is such a big-big fear. I afraid that I look foolish in front of the educated people. How to speak English fluently??? I've bought a grammar practise book. But I don't started the exercise although I've bought the book for a year..Aiiyak... the bigger problem of mine.. I am to lazy to do the practise...But now i have to pay attention learn to speak English in effective way. Many of my paln get mess with my bad English speaking..My friend always compliment me when i give speech in Malay. But when come to English my speech is very miserable.. MOFAS write his blog in English sometime to practise. I should start writing something in English too..I should finish reading all the reader digest magazines.