Last night i have a bad gream again..touch and hurt me so so much...
huwaaaaa... iwant to go home...
i want to go home....!

mimpi my youngest brother has been crash by a car....
wake up with tears running down....feel really bad and sad.....

ussually i have a dreamless sleep..or i cant remember anything about ny dream..but when im not doing good, susah hati, sedih, i will catch by a "nightmare"...selalunya mimpi pasal hantu dan something bad happen to my family.....

urghhh..its killing me!!!!!


R&D and Research Comercialization

I attended a seminar on R&D and Research Commercialization yesterday. It was a very good speech and burn up my passion to keep doing research.

They highlight how patenting and doing research can give big profit and contribute to humanity. In fact researcher can also become a millionaire.

Researcher is an elite group that play an important role in this country and nation building. UTHM still lack of a researcher, funding and its not become a culture yet .To achieve world class university, university should come out with a lot of research. So we have to look for opportunities

Malaysia have a lot of "trashes" that can be used to generate money. We have coconut, palm oil, pineapple, and more. The waste is very useful. But people still do not know how to use it .In fact our natural source product has been license by outside country. How a waste!!! Researcher should think fast, creative, and eager to make an invention. Not only natural source, but many wild idea, broader area/field of knowledge is an opportunity to a research.
The speaker said, "if we don do it, others people will do it"

the speaker also said showing medal and no contribution, no economic generate, and no apply to building nation is useless. One thing that touch me is, when the speaker said " when you do and give more and u will get more. Is that nice? In research dont keep everithing too secret. sharing will generate and widen our knowledge.

Lets keep researching and have passion in it !!!